Walking & cycling in the north of the province of Limburg!

Starting point and resting place in the Maasduinen National Park…

Hoeve Carpe Diem can be a starting point or a resting place for cyclists and walkers exploring the Maasduinen National Park!
Our farmstead is located between:

  Junctions 22 and 26 of the hiking route

  Junctions 43 and 44 of the cycling route

Many cycling and hiking routes pass Hoeve Carpe Diem! Why not leave your trusted bicycle in the bicycle parking space next to the terrace, jokingly called ‘fietswei’ (literal translation: bicycle paddock), and rest and recoup on our farmstead terrace?

The highlights of the Maasduinen National Park

Only a few minutes walking or cycling from Hoeve Carpe Diem, two of the Maasduinen National Park’s highlights can be found, i.e.:

The Quin Nature reserve

The Bergerbos forest is the part of the Maasduinen National Park where the Quin nature reserve is located. The fens are surrounded by parabolic dunes adorn the heathland. From the top of the dunes you can enjoy stunning views!

The observation tower

The 12,5 meter tall tower is built on top of the highest parabolic dune in the Maasduinen National Park, making it the highest point of the park. The observation tower stands in the same place as the former fire watch tower of the village of Afferden. The climb is well worthwhile for the view from the top: you can see the river Maas in the West, the German Reichswald forest in the North, the German hinterland in the East and the southern part of the Maasduinen National Park.