Horse riding & carriage driving

Explore the Maasduinen National Park on horseback!

The Maasduinen is a wonderful National Park not only for hikers and cyclists, but also for horse riders and carriage drivers! A large network of riding trails and carriage driving routes takes you to some of the most stunning spots, e.g. the Quin, Broedersbosch and Zevenboom. No matter what season, you are guaranteed to enjoy stunningly beautiful nature. Exploring the Maasduinen National Park you can encounter different grazers, e.g. cattle, sheep or Dutch Land Goats! Available at Hoeve Carpe Diem: local maps for riders and carriage drivers.

Would you like to stay with us and bring your own horse or pony?

These are the costs:

 See Bed & Breakfast or Farm campsite for overnight stay options.

Do you and your equine friend want to take a break from your travels? Your horse/pony can rest in the stable, while you enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea and a slice of apple pie!